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Animation and motion graphics will always be best to clarify, give context, or explain information such as data charts that seems dense and impenetrable that can now be easily brought to life through engaging audio visual storytelling.


We are 100% an animation studio. We also do videography, web development and printed media to support and explore imaginative and novel uses of digital media.
Filming, video editing,colour grading, Compositing and adding graphics,sound editing and formatting of the files to a final broadcast specifications.


We develop websites because it enables our clients to target the biggest and broadest audience. Client info can be accessed with ease through the use of any device, from a computer to mobile phone.


While our primary passion may be in "moving pictures", we take pride in all print related projects that we have had the pleasure to be a part of.
Some of our clients have never met us but we have had the privilege of doing work for them on behalf of others. Nonetheless we are still proud to call them our clients and WE ARE GRATEFUL FOR every opportunity that comes our way.